Sunday, 28 August 2011

Work in Progress at Stourhead

The Scraptors are hard at work at Stourhead. The Frogs mock King Heron is now in place with Frogs by Anthony and Heron by Paul and Rachel. It alludes to the Fable of Aesop in which the Frogs ask Zeus for a King and he sends them a Heron. The Frogs mock the Heron so he sends a snake which eats them. Below Paul paints a tree while Rachel stands on the bottom of the ladder. These will be in a sculpture trail throughout September.

Below, the Scraptors in full waders to avoid more wet, silty experiences.  Amphibian goes into the far lake (Rachel and Paul), Fiona adds weight to her Heron and her Chameleon gets installed on it's resting place - an old dead, mossy, fallen tree overlooking the lake, with the help of NT helpers, Fiona's son and Jack (vjultra), our in-house photographer.

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