Monday, 25 July 2011

Spider in Making for Stourhead

Antony has laid out a giant spider's web on his lawn ready for the sculpture trail at Stourhead in September and this is work in progress on a spider. The body and head were in a previous incarnation an ironing board. The eight metre web will hang between two trees in the trail. The spider will be about to pounce on a trapped insect.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Rachel's Fungus

Rachel is creating fungus for the Stourhead trail.  Here is one she's working on utilising old lampshades and folded cloth to make the filaments; the stem is reclaimed laminated wood kindly donated by carpenter Richard Wallace.

Little Tin Owl

Paul and Rachel have created this little tin owl to be installed with the other owls in the dead tree at Stourhead. They have combined their styles ,Rachels plastic bottle wings and eyebrows and Pauls recycled painted tins and recovered clock faces for eyes , to create the little owl.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Barn Owl Flying

Anthony has hung up his Barn Owl Flying on an apple tree in his garden ready for exhibiting in September. He recently found a blackened bent  car fender along with other burnt detritus from an abandoned vehicle beside a track  and saw a barn owl in it , once a beak and owl had been added  This will hang from the Owl Tree at Stourhead.Tiny owls will  peep out from holes in the trunk of the dead chestnut tree.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Scraptors at Green Fair Frome

We had a stand at the Green Fair in Frome Somerset. All sorts of stands on green issues, green investment, green energy, bat boxes, belts made from bicycle tyres. This photo shows one of Paul's heads and a little man by Anthony and in the foreground not very clearly a little dinosaur's head also by him. Paul's head is to be that of Bacchus at Stourhead in September.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Re-visiting Stourhead

The Scraptors and vjultra (photographer/animator for our launch) returned to Stourhead this week for a meeting about our forthcoming Trail.  It also gave us a chance to re-visit our site and place Fiona's Chameleon and Paul/Anthony's Eye (both unfinished) on their proposed fallen tree.  Quite a feat as the trunk is raised up and there's a long drop down to the lake!  

We all went on to another meeting elsewhere afterwards, regarding a very exciting future Trail we may be involved in.... watch this space!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Fiona recently had a ‘working’ stand at SalvoFair, Knebworth (24-26 June), where people could see her sculptures including the giant recycled Spider, and Fiona working on her Chameleon - two of the pieces to be installed at Stourhead.  The Fair was packed with thousands of visitors and the most incredible selection of salvage/antique items.  The Scraptors have gained several new contacts from this.  See images below:

Chameleon body - awaiting outer layers of wire and bottle tops

SalvoFair - view of Fiona's stand from giant Spider

Fiona's young helper - piercing bottle tops to decorate Chameleon