Sunday, 30 June 2013

West Ashton Wojmen's Institute visit the Scraptors Sculpture Mad Garden

 The West Ashton Women's Institute visited the Scraptors Sculpturemad garden. They have donated to the crowd funding bid for the Bird Henge we plan in the field.

Our Bike Bird at Warminster Wobble Cycling Event

 We took our Bike Bird to the Warminster Wobble Cycling event in the park to plug our crowd funding bid to create a Bird Henge in the Scraptors sculpture mad garden. We asked for and received some good ideas for sculptures using  a bird and  a bike. We envisage avian headed priests conducting a ceremony in the Henge some arriving on bikes. One idea is to have bikes suspended in this grove of beech trees nearby. Actual bikes would be too heavy and we would use much lighter wires to look like bikes with priests arriving by airborne bikes.. Another idea was for a giant bike. Well we have got some giant wheels from some industrial site.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Scraptors at Work on sculpture for Bird Henge promotion

We are making a small sculpture of a bird riding a bicycle for out Bird Henge project. We envisage avian headed priests arriving at a ceremony. This is planned for the 2acre Scraptors sculpturemad garden if we raise enough funds with our crowd funding bid https// The sculpture will be ready for a visit by a group of donors this evening. Fortunately it seems set for a perfect summer day.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Gettiing the Beech Monsters ready for a visit

Anthony has been busy getting the Scraptors' scultpturemad garden ready for a visit by a group of donors to our crowd funding bid to as a Bird Henge to the two  acre site. https// Cutting the hedge is a mammoth task and seems to require a new hedge trimmer each year. The Egret was made for the Scraptors exhibition at Stourhead where it was in a pond an acre large. It now has in in a much  smaller pond in the sculpturemad garden. The flag irises are out a month late after a very cold spring.  

Monday, 17 June 2013

We have launched a crowd funding bid to create a Bird Henge near Stonehenge. There  will be Giant Birds about ten feet high in the Scraptors sculpture mad garden and they will be next to a public path so visible 24/7. Click here The birds will be the Great Bustard shown here, the Red Kite, the Kestrel, the Barn Owl, the Raven, the Lapwing. Please look at our film and support. The bird above is Fergus of the Great Bustard Project which is re-introducing the world's heaviest flying bird to nearby Salisbury Plain using eggs from Russia.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

A morning at Stourhead

Anthony went  into the archives at Stourhead to study the life at Stourhead before World War 1 and how the people there were affected. The National Trust has gathered material from families of former employees as well as the owners. The research was to facilitate a sculpture project from 2014  - the centenary of the outbreak of that War. Percheron horses were bred at Stourhead before the War as draft horses -  a breed that was particularly used in the War. It was raining but the scent of the rhododendrons was intoxicating.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Stuff we like made from odds and ends

 In London yesterday one could see the Horse's Head by Robert Bailey in the Antique Fair Olympia - hardly an antique but still. It is made from a piece of found wood. And below at the Hayward Gallery  Nek Chand's figures from the Rock Garden in  India. They look ethereal because they are shot through glass. Behind is a London bus.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Finnish mission finished

Paul and Rachel and Evie went to Finland , Paul was there primarily to put on an exhibition with His friend Jeremy and also to run some workshops with local Finnish kids and some Refugee children from Afghanistan , Somalia and Albania .The picture above shows the results from a workshop mural created in a subway in the small Finnish town of Kiiminki ...there were 4 images chosen as part of a competition . We helped the kids realise their ideas on a large scale and tied it all together as one piece , it was a very successful project and we made the newspaper :

Paul was described as "The tall Brit".Here's what was said about the project from the organizers : "The feedback on the Kiiminki subway project has been excellent from the authorities, they plan to use the project as a good example of a project well organized and realised in the future! "