Thursday, 6 June 2013

Finnish mission finished

Paul and Rachel and Evie went to Finland , Paul was there primarily to put on an exhibition with His friend Jeremy and also to run some workshops with local Finnish kids and some Refugee children from Afghanistan , Somalia and Albania .The picture above shows the results from a workshop mural created in a subway in the small Finnish town of Kiiminki ...there were 4 images chosen as part of a competition . We helped the kids realise their ideas on a large scale and tied it all together as one piece , it was a very successful project and we made the newspaper :

Paul was described as "The tall Brit".Here's what was said about the project from the organizers : "The feedback on the Kiiminki subway project has been excellent from the authorities, they plan to use the project as a good example of a project well organized and realised in the future! "

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