Thursday, 26 May 2011

Ed's Sheds - Treasure Trove of Trash

Following an article in the press about us seeking scrap for our Sculpture Trail, Paul and Fiona went to collect some goodies from a house clearance.  A lady - Karen - had called up saying an elderly man (Ed's) house needed clearing by the end of the week - did we want some stuff for our sculptures.  Not expecting too much we went over today.  There were literally shed loads of beautiful rusty old tools of all shapes and sizes spread amongst various run down sheds which Ed had obviously adored. From chimney brushes to numerous claw-like spanners and pliers, we had a great time selecting bits to use in new pieces for the Trail!  Thank you Ed and Karen!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Heron in progress

One of our Herons by Fiona - in the making.  Legless and still one-winged!  

With both wings

Hoisted up on high for the legs (+ extensions) to be welded into position

Thanks to John Shepherd Feeders, who have provided the steel base, it should soon be completed.

Monday, 9 May 2011

                                         Anthony went to Stourhead, the National Trust property
                                         to measure up the site for a spider he will create for the
                                         Scraptors' sculpture trail to last throughout the month of
                                         September.It will hang between these two trees on
                                         a web eight metres wide. Below is a spider he created
                                         for a client in Sussex. The bluebells were out at
                                         Stourhead  creating the blue haze above

Sunday, 8 May 2011

New work started for the Trail

We have a few forthcoming events booked to show some of our work together, prior to the Stourhead Sculpture Trail.  The Sustainability Show in Taunton (19 June) and Frome Green Fair (10 July) are a couple of them.  Please come and see us there!

Fiona is  embarking on a new set of work for the Stourhead Trail, amongst other venues.  'Heron' is starting to take shape, after sourcing some interesting scrap steel forms for it.  I've rummaged for old tools, clambered over scrap heaps and filled a corner of my garden and studio, thanks to Pylle Motors and friends for kind donations of scrap steel, including a ton of horseshoes!

Still looking for recycled bottle tops, buttons and beads for my planned giant 'Chameleon'.   Made of steel, wire and colourful recycled materials,  it will hopefully be decorative and fun.   It has a few other venues booked, so an exciting Summer ahead!  Mid-construction, 'Chameleon' is due to go on tour to the Salvo Fair, Knebworth (24-26 June), where visitors can watch me making the structure!  The final decorative touches will be added by members of the public, together with me at the Larmer Tree Festival (15 July).  The effect will be hopefully vaguely mosaic and jewel-like (Gaudi-esque with a flavour of African beaded wirework).  The aim is to create further awareness and enjoyment of art and recycling.  'Chameleon' then tours to the Devon Recycled Sculpture Trail '11, and last but very importantly, it will be installed on a mossy fallen tree trunk overlooking one of Stourhead’s lakes.  This features as part of our Sculpture Trail in September entitled “Beyond the Garden Gate”.  Though contemporary in style, it will reflect its surroundings, and be reflected by them.

Any contributions of colourful bottle tops, buttons and beads much appreciated.  Thanks for donations already recieved!  Fiona