"Beyond the Garden Gate" sculpture trail for the National Trust at Stourhead 2011

We created a sculpture trail in 2011 at Stourhead the 18th century landscape garden in Wiltshire owned by the National Trust. The sculptures all had a connection either with estate. Wildlife was one theme of the trail. Below is a Little Egret. Its body was made with the body of a Yamaha petrol tank see further below.

Classical mythology was a major inspiration for  the creation of Stourhead in the eighteenth century so we created some sculptures based on it. Below are some Bacchae, the drunken, reveling followers of  the Ancient Greek god, Bacchus, the god of wine.

      A bird outside the hermitage. There was a fashionable hermitage in the grounds in the eighteenth century.

                                         Below the infant Hercules strangles a serpent as was his wont.

               Below collecting the Horse from Horseworld near Bristol where it had been exhibited.

The Horse is installed at Stourhead.

Below The Frogs mock King Heron. According to Aesop's Fable they asked  Zeus for a King to rule them and he sent a Heron.They  mocked him and were then eaten by the Heron for their cheek. This fable was found useful by Louis XIV of France.

Below the Owl Tree. The Flying Owl was made from a bent car fender found on a track. The Owl Tree represented local wild life and also the owl as a symbol of wisdom in Ancient Greece.

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