Thursday, 4 January 2018

Dismantling our sculpture trail at Stourhead

We have been dismantling our sculpture trail "Stourhead will never forget" which we installed at the National Trust property in Wiltshire  to commemorate the effect of the First World War on the community. The band, that was floating on a lake, is now rehomed  on terra firma in the Scraptors' sculpture mad garden. The cannon above, an element in the nursery installation representing the childhood of Harry Hoare, has  also bee rehomed in the garden  Anthony has added an alien guardsman. The wheels started life as patio heaters for outside areas of a pub. The frog in the background was made by Anthony for the Recycled Sculpture Show at the London Wetlands Centre  which he curated in 2009. The skin has a mosaic of mobile phone  dummies.