Sunday, 28 February 2016

Wolf's Head Trail

We held a workshop attended by some 30 people of all ages to plan a new sculpture trail for which initial funding has been found from Arts Council England.The participants contributed to creating this wolf's head. Wolves will feature in the trail.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Dragon headed snake comes to the Scraptors' sculpture mad garden

Anthony made this rain hopper into a dragon head. The Weavers class  of Crockerton primary school on a  recent visit voted that was what the hopper should become.It has fangs which are a bit hard to spot here.

Anthony has revamped the crocodile in the garden  (below)  with new claws.  A small boy is doing a back flip on it. This is based on a sculpture in the British Museum which shows a boy of the Tentrytae tribe in Egypt in  Ancient Roman times performing acrobatics on one of these reptiles. There is another version of that sculpture in the Palazzo Massimo Museum in Rome.

   Anthony has added an eye-catcher in  a corner of the garden - the bits were  found in a skip.