Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Horse's Head for Salisbury Cathedral June 8th to 10th

We will be exhibiting at a World War 1 themed event in the close of  Salisbury Cathedral from June 8th to the 10th organized by SSAFA the charity that helps members of the armed forces and their families. There will be re-enactors, trenches and stands of military museums. The theme of our exhibits is "In Memoriam." This piece is  in memory of the suffering of horses and mules in their millions. Horses were fitted with masks as protection against gas attacks. The armature of the head is a bicycle frame.

Friday, 20 April 2018

Cannon for Salisbury Cathedral precinct June 8th to 10th 2018

We were asked by SSAFA the charity that helps members of the armed forces and their families to show some of the sculpture from our Stourhead World War I themed sculpture trail. This will be at a big event, organized by the charity, in the precinct of Salisbury Cathedral from June 8th to 10th. World War 1 will be the theme. Five military museums will have displays. There will be re-enactors and reconstructed trenches, For the Salisbury event we have added lines to the cannon from works by two poets, both killed in the War in 1918, Above are lines from "The Anthem for Doomed Youth" by Wilfred Owen. On the other side "Magpies in Picardy" by Theodore Percival Cameron Wilson who happens to have been a relation of Anthony one ot the Scraptors. Below Paul  adding the lines.

Friday, 6 April 2018

Spring at last in the Scraptors sculpturemad garden

     Spring at last. The yellow forsythia is three weeks late. Below is the garden three weeks ago.