Monday 13 November 2023

Remembrance Day Warminster 2023 display by Susan King and Anthony Wilson

Two sculptures by Scraptor Anthony Wilson dressed  windows in the Organ Inn in Warminster Wiltshire for the passing Remembrance Day parade The  Last Tommy in Memoriam and Horse with a Gas Mask were shown at Stourhead the National Trust garden in a sculpture trail in 2016 commemorating World War 1. He was on display in a stable. They both were displayed in 2018 at a charity event for SSAFA the armed services charity in the Close of Salisbury Cathedral in 2018. Susan King, organiser of the Art Gallery at the Organ painted red poppies on recycled wood for the display.




Above the Last Tommy in Memoriam in the stable at Stourhead in  2016
Below Horse in a Mask in Organ  Inn Window with poppies painted on recycled wood  by Susan King art gallery organiser at the Organ Inn

Above the Last Tommy in Memoriam and Horse with a Gas Mask  Close of Salisbury Cathedral Close                              2018 at a charity event in aid of SSAFA the armed forces charity 

Monday 1 August 2022


This is inspired by the answer of the Ukrainian border guard Roman Hyrbov on Snake Island in February 2022 ; "Russian warship, go f...k yourself." The warship Moskva was later sunk by the Ukrainians.....Pinocchio's nose  grew longer as he told more lies..... Russian missiles are represented here by a church organ pipe..... Z is plastered all over the Ruzzian tanks and military vehicles... Slava Ukraini is their rallying call....The installation was made by Scraptor Anthony Wilson and can be seen beside a public path in Wiltshire England running from Heytesbury to Knook on the northern bank of the River Wylye, from BA12 0HE to BA120JG. 


Tuesday 3 May 2022

Giant Owl in Wiltshire

Anthony made this owl from a deck of a clapped out  sit on lawn mower. It had gaps caused by rust. But it had the eyes and the widow's peak of an owl. It sits in the beech tree of Stewart Penny Services in Upton Lovell; he repairs and sells garden machinery. It was a thank you present for the gift  by Stewart of bits and pieces for sculpture. Some old Jerry cans from his sheds became golden dogs. See below. The tails are old lawn mower blades. 

Friday 8 April 2022