Sculpture for Bournemouth Council Recycling Department 2015

Bournemouth Recycling Department held a competition in the city's schools and commissioned us to translate the winning ideas into sculptures using  household waste and recycling. The theme was the Sea. The sculptures were displayed in the Visitor Centre at Hengistbury Head. We posed two of them on a nearby beach first. Above The Mermaid with Golden Ear Rings was inspired by winner Erin  Lee of Moordown St John's School whose drawing is below.

The Harpooning Squid was inspired by winner Hannah Beretta of St Luke's School.Her drawing is below.
We hung the Squid  from the rafters in the Visitor Centre after it had an outing by the sea.


The Trash Fish is inspired by by winner Shannon Roberts of Nigel Bowes School who imagined a fish full of rubbish, Rubbish, especially plastic, is a serious and growing problem in the oceans.

The Boat was made by the Turtle Class of  the Nigel Bowes Campus as explained below.

                        Below some images of the work in progress at the Scraptors' homes.


March 31st working on the Mermaid. We cut off her head and given her a new one.

The Harpooning Squid  work in progress.

April 20th Below Rosie hugs the Giant  Harpooning Squid.Dismantling the exhibition. The Mermaid the Trash Fish and the Squid went  to the winning schools in Bournemouth 

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