Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Scraptors install more works in Stourhead Sculpture Trail

The Scraptors got very wet and muddy installing Herons in one of the ponds at Six Wells on the National Trust property of Stourhead for the sculpture trail to be in place throughout September. Above is Anthony's Egret meets a creature from the Deep.  Fiona's large scrap steel Heron was a bigger job to install and a great relief when it was in - see images below of both Herons being installed. 

Below is Anthony's Giant Barn Owl Flying and Fiona's Copper Owl in a large dead tree. Paul is going to paint the whole tree to resemble an owl and it reflects the Ancient Greek veneration of owls as symbols of Wisdom. Other owl sculptures  have been placed in the tree by Paul and Rachel. One of the themes of the trail is the classical mythology represented in the artworks in the house and garden of Stourhead. .

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