Sunday, 7 August 2011

Arch and other work under way

With just 3 more weeks to go until our Sculpture Trail at Stourhead National Trust Estate starts, we are all working hard to get over 70 sculptures completed in time.  A fairly mammoth task which has absorbed us for months - we hope the outcome will be an enriching event for all to enjoy!  

The Stourhead sculpture trail, entitled “Beyond the Garden Gate”, will be installed by the Six Wells lakes and woodland that border the iconic Stourhead Gardens.  The sculptures will explore themes connected with Stourhead - its history, wildlife, classical mythology of sculptures in the garden and buildings that dot the landscape.

The images in this post show work in progress (some completed) by Fiona:

Steel Arch in the making - springs, horseshoes, old urns, tools and posts will form part of this 3-4 metre piece.  The Arch will overhang a pathway on the Trail.  A wire nest will be woven through at the meeting point between the two halves.

One side up

Helpers Jack and Georgia piercing and crushing cans to add to Fiona's giant Spider - previously created by Fiona for Glastonbury Festival '10.  Participants helped complete the work by adding crushed cans and bottle tops around its body of steel.  As the cans have faded in colour, we are updating it with a few new ones for the Stourhead Trail!

Georgia adding cans to Spider's body

Fiona's Owl for the Owl Tree

Chameleon has now been decorated with a full technicolour dreamcoat of bottle tops (completed at the Larmer Tree Festival '11).  Photos taken at Teignmouth Seafront, where Chameleon has been crouching for the Summer, as part of the Devon Recycled Sculpture Trail.  The bottletops may - or may not - remain on for the Stourhead Trail, when Chameleon returns to its resting place on a large mossy fallen tree overlooking one of the Six Wells lakes.  

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