Sunday, 8 July 2018

Our frogs find a new home

These frogs are moving from the Scraptors' sculpturemad garden to be in a new nature themed  sculpture trail to be installed later this year at Lakeside Garden Centre in Wiltshire. Moby the Frog, above,  was made by Anthony in 2009 with mobile phone dummies . In the previous year he had made Frederick the Frog against a three week deadline for London Zoo. This was to publicize a world wide campaign to save amphibians. David Attenborough topped it above (see below).

Below Moby the Frog with another at the London Wetland Centre in the Love London Recycled Sculpture Show in 2009 which Anthony curated.

In 2011 the Frogs appeared with a Heron made by fellow sculptors Paul and Rachel at Stourhead, the National Trust landscape garden in Wiltshire as part of a sculpture trail. The tableau below represented one of Aesop's Fables: the frogs asked Jupiter to send a king to govern them and a heron was sent. But the frogs mocked the heron  So the heron ate the frogs.

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