Saturday, 9 June 2018

World War 1 Living History weekend at Salisbury Cathedral sculpture trail

We have sculptures on show over this weekend  with works by other artists as part of the World War 1 Living History event at Salisbury Cathedral Above and below In Memoriam showing a Tommy and a Horse in a gas mask.This was organized by SSAFA the charity for the armed forces and their families. The helmet is an actual First World War one.

Below our  Cannon . On the barrel on one side are lines from "Anthem for Doomed Youth" and on the other from "Magpies in Picardy" by Theodore Percival Cameron Wilson. Both were killed in World War 1. The Wire Tommy was made by the pupils of Rowde  CofE Primary School in Wiltshire

Below is our Gallipoli . The mural shows the cliff with a rock formation nicknamed the Anzac Sphynx . The boat represent the Allied evacuation after the disastrous campaign. The crutches were made for our sculpture trail at Stourhead, the National Trust property, commemorating the effect of the War on that community. Ebenezer Stone a stable lad made a bike for himself but lost both legs in the War, We commemorated him with a giant bike and these crutches.


 Below are Rob Heard's 1561 Shrouds of the Somme in the cloisters, one for every day of the War

               Below are the Soldier, Airman and Sailor by Peter Lovegrove on show in the cloister.

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