Monday, 2 November 2015

War horses under attack

We will be creating two new installations next summer  at Stourhead for the National Trust for the sculpture trail "Stourhead will never forget" commemorating the effect of World War 1 on the community. One will commemorate the death of Harry Hoare, heir to the estate, killed rescuing horses in Palestine in 1917. Anthony has been in Lisbon where there was an exhibition of drawings by Adriano Sousa Lopes,  the Portuguese official war artist of World War 1.  In the Military Museum there are  huge paintings by him . One if of great  interest to us as it shows horses under attack. Also in the museum is a large sculpture by Delfim Mole on the same subject. Mole had  been a  wartime cavalry officer. 

Below a painting by Adriano Sousa Lopes, powerful in its symbolism. But in his drawings and paintings he did not shy away from showing  dead soldiers on the battlefield.

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