Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Drift wood beasts and Egrets at Bristol seaside

We have been exploring the area round Severn Beach to the west of Bristol over which the M48 and M4 soar on the Severn Crossings.  Above and below some driftwood sculpted by the water and delivered by the high tides. We are entering a competition to find artists to create artwork round Severn Beach.It was once called the Blackpool of the south but nothing remains of the Blue Lagoon and the other attractions.

Below some Little Egrets on the salt marshes.The area is a favourite with birdwatchers. Egrets  used to be rare but are now quite widespread. Twitchers no longer twitch with so much excitement to see them.

The remains of the old car ferry at Aust. There is a famous image of Bob Dylan at the ticket office in 1966.

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