Thursday, 26 February 2015

Our next project at Hengistbury Head - for Bournemouth Council

Anthony went to reconnoitre the Visitor Centre at Hengistbury Head by the sea near Bournemouth where we will be exhibiting three sculptures made with recycled materials such as put out by the normal household. The Recycling Department of Bournemouth Council has arranged a competition in the schools and children have been invited to submit ideas. The theme is the sea, in it or on it and and by it. We love wacky so we hope for some wacky entries. We will choose the most inspiring ideas as the basis of the three sculptures. They will be exhibited at the Visitors' Centre from Thursday April 2nd to Monday April 20th. The Centre has prehistoric and historic relics such as this Roman amphora shown above. Below a bench and one of the gates of the Centre. Hengistbury Head includes a nature reserve created on a former landfill area.

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