Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Stourhead plans

We went to Stourhead, the National Trust gardens in Wiltshire, to discuss possible Scraptor installations as  part of the Trust's  presentation from 2014 of how the First World War affected the estate and the community. There will be exhibits in the house about Harry Hoare, the heir to the property. The intended Scraptors contribution  would be eye-catching outside installations  illustrating aspects life before the War and how it changed for all in the community.  There was for example Ebenezer Stone, a groom in the stables, who lost both legs in the war. One of the planned installations will be about him. Like everything this project requires funding and sorting that is the next stage.
    The image above shows an officer of  the Dorset Yeomanry by the Pyramids.  Harry was killed with that regiment in the Middle East. 

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