Monday, 30 April 2012

Magdalen's 'Spring on the Farm' Open Day

On Sunday 29th April we braved the howling gales and cold rain for a 'Spring on the Farm' Open Day at The Magdalen Project!   Our Scraptors stand in the barn displayed some of our work and samples of pieces which may feature in our planned Scraptorzoic Era - if and when we get funding.  Possibly the coldest Spring day so far - with flooded roads and fallen trees all over Somerset and Dorset - visitor numbers were seriously depleted, but the people who came enjoyed roasting marshmallows on the fire, feeding lambs, seeing the bees, stroking Jenny the cob horse and chatting to us about our future plans.  See images below:

Our stand with Limited Edition Giclee Prints for sale

Detail of Spawn and Scraptorzoic Creature - some of these will be made by young and old in workshops

Mini head - which will form part of a 'Tripod Mini Head' giant sculpture



Scraptors with Spawn and Scraptorzoic creatures

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