Tuesday, 7 February 2012

IndieGoGo Launch for Scraptorzoic Era at Magdalen Project - Lift-off!

We have now launched our appeal on IndieGoGo to raise funds for the Scraptorzoic Era, which we plan to instal at The Magdalen Project from June 2012.

Please click on the box below to access our pledge and help support us in this campaign:

Below is our selection of prints available.  As perks we offer you:

$5+     =   Scraptors certificate and emailed drawing (see below)
$25+   =   1 of the following printed on hand-made Wookey Hole paper
$50+   =   1 of the following signed by us, which you may select, printed on hand-made Wookey Hole paper
$100+  =  2 of the following, as above
$200+  =  As above, with a link to our website, if you wish
$1000+ = Weekend for 8 people in a Yurt at the Magdalen Farm (facilities include clay oven and compost toilet) + a link to our website, if you wish
$2000+ = Scraptors Sculpture – to be discussed (excl. transport/installation) a link to our website, if you wish

Humanoids sketch
by Paul Boswell

Diatom with tendrils 
by Fiona Campbell
(diatoms being endangered microscopic sea creatures, essential to our survival, hailed from the Jurassic era)

Giant Spawn with Scraptorzoic creatures emerging
by Fiona Campbell

Waterhead sketch
by Paul Boswell

Tripod Bonnet Head sketch
by Paul Boswell

Bulbous Anthills on Spikes
by Fiona Campbell

Spawn and Scraptoroids
by Paul Boswell

Large Dangly Cocoon
by Fiona Campbell

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have donated, we will contact you via email to clarify which print/s you'd like.  If you wish, you can email us in advance to let us know, on:  scraptors@hotmail.co.uk

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