Sunday, 8 January 2012

IndieGoGo pledge - plea for materials

We are in the final stages of preparing our film and presentation for our IndieGoGo pledge.  An international crowd-funding site, IndieGoGo will hopefully help us finance our exciting new project - a Scraptorzoic Era at the Magdalen Project, an eco farm and charity-run education centre straddling Somerset/Dorset.

Floating Diatom drawing - one of the choices for perks

We will provide perks for donations.  Perks range from limited edition Scraptor prints on hand made paper donated by Wookey Hole (see drawing above), exclusive to the Magdalen project; a weekend in a Yurt at the Magdalen Project for 8 people and a one-off Scraptors’ Sculpture. The most generous donors can have a link to their website as well as other benefits.  

As we like to recycle, if anyone has clean thin cardboard tubing (eg from Christmas wrapping) or thin flat card we have a good use for it!  Other materials such as scrap steel tools, wire/old wire sieves, copper, tin, rope/old football goal netting (no plastic) etc would also be much appreciated.  Contact our email:

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