Thursday, 8 September 2011

Scraptor Trail at Stourhead more images

Anthony went to Stourhead to take some more photos - difficult when we were so busy putting the stuff up. S-J White from our sponsor Whitespace of Frome was there making a film about the trail. There had been a serious gale the night before and it was good to see the sculptures totally unscathed. Above is a Simulacrum  - a fallen tree with a likeness to a strange creature. Difficult to photograph in the deep shade.  Anthony added the eyes and Paul the paint to accentuate the likeness. Below Rachel's Fungi made using lampshades.

 The silver Fungi are by Anthony and the wavy by Rachel, by Six Wells at Stourhead in the Sculpture Trail

                                         Below Bacchus by Paul and Rachel. He has a retinue.

  Above Fiona's Dragonfly. Below  the Eye across the lake. We meant it to reflect in the water but in summer there is too much greenery. The Eye is a hubcap from a lorry and it makes the fallen tree into a monster.

                                             Below Fiona's Spider

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  1. Hi, we loved visiting at the weekend! I've blogged about it if you fancy a look.