Monday, 28 March 2011

The Frogs mock King Heron

                                          Paul, Rachel and Anthony set up The Frogs Mock
                                          King Heron in Anthony's field. This is after the
                                          fable by Aesop in which the frogs ask for a King
                                          and he sends them a King Heron. The Frogs mock
                                          him, so Zeus sends down a snake who gobbles them
                                          up. The Heron is by Rachel Macleay and Paul
                                          Boswell, the Frogs by Anthony Wilson. They will
                                          from May 28th to June 2011 be on display in the
                                          2 acre sculpturemad garden 
                                          as part of the Wylye Valley Art Trail  
                                          in Wiltshire  and then at  Stourhead the world famous
                                          National Trust gardens throughought September
                                          in a sculpture trail by the Scraptors.
                                          This was Anthony's  first  Frog Frederick  which was
                                         commissioned by London Zoo for the Year of the Frog
                                          in 2008 a  world wide campaign to save amphibians,
                                          made  in race against time in three weeks.A fllipped
                                         over  T V satellite dish  made a perfect mouth.
                                          The armature is madeof all sorts of bits and pieces
                                          and the skin is made with recycled glass granules
                                          donated by Sureset
                                          Below is Frederick in the making.
                                          Anthony made two more Frogs shown above in WWT
                                           the LondonWetland Centre where he curated the Love
                                           London Recycled Sculpture Show in 2009. He was
                                           asked by Regenersis to make
                                           a sculpture with recyled mobile phone dummies.
                                           2000 were delivered to his house and he made
                                           Moby shown below with narcissistic tendencies before
                                           going up the Wetland Centre to join the other two.




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