Thursday, 3 February 2011

Forging ahead

Several months have passed since Stourhead (National Trust Estate) first raised the possibility of our group creating a circular sculpture trail at Stourhead entitled 'Beyond the Garden Gate'.  Various site visits, meetings, designs and much discussion have finally led to our Trail being given the go ahead.  Yay... all very exciting!  We decided it would be fun to have a brand name and this week 'Scraptors' came into being.  Just to push the boat out (and have a dip in the lake - a bit silty as Rachel discovered...) we made some Heron masks and had a PR photoshoot with the help of vj Jack's fantastic photography skills (of  - see our photos below.  

Heron - Paul Boswell/RachelMacleay

Frog - Anthony Wilson

Flower  detail - Rachel Macleay

Flora amongst bulrushes - Rachel Macleay

Cocoon - Fiona Cambell

                                                Posing as Herons with Heron and Frog

The plan is to create a series of sculptures which will explore themes connected with Stourhead, the story of the garden, the Hoares, the iconography of the temples and grottoes, wildlife and flora.  Some will be collaborative and some will be made by us individually.  Here are a couple of designs so far:

Bacchus crouching beside the lake, chasing a maiden/nymph - Paul Boswell

Arched forms, which will meet and entwine in a nest structure over the wooded path - Fiona 

Now for the real stuff of making...  Watch this space!  

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